Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Here is the rough that was meant to be a promo piece for the Obsession mini-series. All we had was a loose plot of what characters were supposed to be in it. You can see characters from EP II a the middle left of the page. I'm still hoping to finish it someday... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Here are some more sketches from Obsession. These are some very very quick and very loose ones I did before starting on the first issue. It's meant to just give me an idea of how I want things to look before going tighter with the designs.

The two main characters I had to work on were Obi-Wan's disguise and the new character, Xist. Xist is at the top and was describes as being pretty huge. He's not the typical Falleen make that we've seen.

Obi-Wan is in the middle and his helmet/mask was basically a welder's face shield and two breathing filters on the side. As most people already realized I based his costume a lot on the Clone Wars cartoon version. His torso area is meant to be modified clone armor. We wanted to hide his lightsaber in the first few pages so people wouldn't know it was him right away.

The rest is just a bunch of swamp rats or thugs that Obi-Wan would eventually meet in that issue.Posted by Hello

When I was did the TOPPS sketch cards, they gave all the artist 20 bonus blank cards to have. Well, my friend's wife is a huge Chewbacca fan so I sketched this out in my sketchbook before doing the card for her. Never realized how much fun it was going to be-- also never realized how much Chewie looks like this Shi-Tzu we had when I was a kid.  Posted by Hello

Saturday, February 19, 2005

These are a couple of quick design sketches for SW:Obsession #3. The ones on the left were some possible Durge face ideas and a few things changed when I got to drawing the actual page. Things just sort of progresses but I stayed with the same basic idea. The inspiration for his face actually comes from a lobster's body (although he has been compared to the Predator's face, that was actually something I tried to stay away from).

The ones on the right were his driver/pilot droid. That design stayed completely the same. He was described in the script as not being physically menacing but still somewhat dangerous. That's why he's got the long fragile limbs and sleak body.

This is marker on tracing paper ( sorry for the strange discoloration).Posted by Hello

The most faithful and loyal dog ever. Actually he'll go up to anyone with a doggie treat in their hand. He also completely ignores me. Posted by Hello

Here's one of those sketch cards I did for the TOPPS Star Wars Heritage set late last year. I ended doing 700 sketch cards--yikes. A lot of fun but... sort of tiring. Posted by Hello

Here's an unfinished sketch of Boba Fett-- a character I've been dying to do a mini-series on for over a year now. All I need to do now is convince my editor to let me do it. Posted by Hello