Saturday, March 12, 2005

Here's a close-up of the splash shot from page 18. Posted by Hello

This is pg 4 of that same issue.  Posted by Hello

After watching the new EP III trailer last night, I'm in a very Vader mood. I got my art returns recently for an issue of Empire I did last year. Here is one of my favorite pages-- sometimes the details and subtleties can get lost in the printing which (of course) can be frustrating. That's why it's cool to be able to share what the penciled page actually looks like-- I think you can see some of the details on his chest box and clothing folds on his tunic.  Posted by Hello

I get comps for everything I work on. And every so often I get copies of the foreign market versions of our books. I always liked these things-- they contain multiple issues and the quality of the printing might be better than what we get here in North America. The one on the left is Obsession #1 and also includes the Brandon Badeaux issue of Empire ( I can't think of the number). The other one is the tpb for Clone Wars Vol 3 using my cover to Republic #52 ( I think). Posted by Hello

These are two designs I worked on recently for an issue of Star Wars. The one on the ledt is the medic and the other is the pilot of the medical frigate. I was asked to just come up with something. It's funny because even thought the character may just show up for one panel (which is what actually happened for one of these guys) I still need to figure out what he should like in case I put him in a long shot and have the full figure. Designing new characters/costumes is part of the fun-- it just kinda sucks when that character shows up for one scene and dies. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

This piece was done by Clarence Lansang. He's a good friend of mine and is currently a digital painter/artist/layout/ something-- okay, I don't know his actual title but he does anything having to do with the final art for an Advertising Agency on LA. He's done a multitude of video game and movie ads that we've all seen but I'm not allowed to tell you which ones. Pretty cool, huh? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, March 01, 2005's that close-up of the bottom panel. I modified the contrast a little so it would be easier to see. Posted by Hello

Sorry, haven't posted anything new in a little while. This is my original artwork for page 12 of Obsession #3. This is the actual page I turned in-- the interesting part is the bottom panel. I drew in the devil Vader and Angel Ani on either shoulder trying to tell Anakin what to do. It was meant as a joke for Randy Stradley and Jeremy Barlow ( my editors at Dark Horse) and also just one of those things yo do late at night when your eyes are going bad and you just need something to re-energize you. I'll poste the close-up next... Posted by Hello