Friday, February 17, 2006

Shameless self promotion

KotOR #2 hits the stands next week. You can see the cover here in its entirety without the logo and cropping. I think it's one of his best pieces. You can check out a preview of the issue here.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Page ONE

Just a quick look at page 1 from KotOR#1, from start to finish.

The rough is pretty loose-- I'm not too worried how things really look yet, just concerned about where the figures are placed and how the page reads overall ( I made significant changes to panel 2-- switched up the angle to a more straight on shot to give us a better view of our three characters and since there was so much dialogue going on, I took out any non-essential background characters). I still kind of regret not giving Gryph his big introduction shot yet but it was more important here to establish this part of Taris first.

Next I tighten up the drawings, making all the figures cleaner and establishing the lighting and making sure the perspective is okay (I also scan the pages myself now and after the artwork is digitized, I punch up the contrast and get rid of the smudges and blemishes in Photoshop).

After that it goes to Mike Atiyeh for colors . He gets input from both me and the script as well as our editor, Jermey Barlow as to what time of day and what type of lighting is going on. He also adds all the cool stuff like the blue sky and clouds and light breaking from behind the skyskraper.

Finally it ends up with Mike Heisler for letters (the word balloon placement in panel one was a bit off-- Heisler must have thought they were talking inside the building already-- and we changed it so that they pointed to Gryph and his buyer on the bridge).