Saturday, July 29, 2006


This was my first run at "Elbee." John suggested that he needed to be small enough to move around a ship but should resemble those loaders from Aliens-- the one Sigourney Weaver rides when she fights the Alien Queen.

Zayne was place alongside Elbee for size comparison. And Elbee really came alive with Mike's colors.


Sunday, July 23, 2006


Here's a piece that Mike Atiyeh and I did in the latest issue of Witchblade-- issue #100 and it's just a one page montage of the Witchblade carrier from Ancient China.

I was given a lot of freedom to come up with her design and the most important thing was to make sure she had a lot of jade-like colors on her armor. Jades are huge in Chinese culture, my Mom has given me Jades since I was a child and she collects them to this day. So I asked Mike to carry that color from her shoulder pads to her hip armor all the way to the belly of the Dragon.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Maggie

I did this sketch for a collector last week-- it's Top Cow's the Magdalena. I haven't drawn her (or anything like her) in years and I have to say it was a lot of fun. She's a little more sexy and a bit more busty than the women of Star Wars-- I'm not saying that's better or anything but it's nice to have change every so often.

Anyway, my first step was to come up with a gesture I liked in pencil. What I thought would take about 10-20 min ended up taking over an hour to keep reworking the pose (hey, I'm rusty at drawing her!) . Finally, I settled on this pose with the head slightly tilted away from the body and the left leg coming in front of the right. After that it was just making sure the face came out right--which might be the most important thing when drawing pretty women. The rest is finished off in pen and markers.


Friday, July 14, 2006

Zayne's new duds

Here's Zayne in his post issue #6 look. For those who have been following the series, you know he ditches his Padawan look at the end of #6. I'll definitely miss the old look-- I think it's one of my best designs ever. But this one is quickly growing on me.


This is the kind of sketch I wish I would do more often. Most of my sketches end up being tiny scribbles that are barely recognizable. I don't have too much time for sketching anymore-- I spend much of time drawing the actual comic book pages that at the end of the day I just want to lie in bed and watch SportsCenter.

But Gryph has always come a but easy to me-- not sure why, maybe it's because he's such a cartoony looking character and he's entirely made up. Although he is based on the Snivvian species from the Original movie, I take a LOT of liberties with him and pretty much make him into a Saturday morning cartoon pig/bear animal.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mob Scene

Here's the big angry mob from KOTOR # 6. Easily one of the most fun pages I've ever drawn, not only because we get to see Zayne and Valius, but because we get this huge crowd of people-- some new faces but also a few that we've seen from previous issues.

In the first panel, there's a Taris Cop at the bottom middle. A few figures to the right of him is the gas mask wearing, "dog" walking alien from issue #1 (btw, it's supposed to be a Boga type animal from Ep III he's walking ). And just a couple of heads over to the right again is the top of the head of the Besalisk (Dexter Jettster type alien) who ran the restaurant/banquet hall that Zayne fell into in issue #1-- I did screw up and forgot to ask our colorist to indicate that, because the color is a tad bit off, but it is him.

After all of that, I threw in some of my friends from the local comic store in Pasadena. I put their pics at the bottom of this entry. They may not look exactly like their photos but I think they got a kick out of it. I need to find ways to fit in the members of the KOTOR creative crew next. Maybe John J Miller, Jeremy Barlow, and Mike Atiyeh can be bounty hunters!