Saturday, December 23, 2006

Happy Christmas

It's been a very busy year for me but being busy is a good thing, especially in this field. I have really enjoyed working on KOTOR and look forward to doing even more and exciting stuff on the book in '07. In the meantime, here are a bunch of random drawings from my sketchbook. I broke it down into six sections, each one is from a different corner of my sketchbook. No real specific ideas going on here, most of them are just doodles. Some are warm-up drawings-- the stuff in sections a (you can probably see zayne, colossus, and cyclops there), b (a couple of Wolvie shots), and c are just warm-ups or waiting for the FedEx guy to make a delivery.

Sections d and e were specific roughs for some of the KOTOR covers. I especially liked how e came out, it shows a glimpse at one of the new characters coming soon, but unfortunately this cover rough never got approved :(

I've been into Superman lately-- I'm actually one of the people out there who really liked the latest movie, so the stuff in section f is heavily inspired it.

Okay, that's probably all I'll be posting until the new year. Thanks to all the KOTOR and comic fans who have stopped by my blog and dropped me e-mails. I have appreciated all of it! Have a Merry Christmas and see you in '07!



Friday, December 01, 2006

Here's a piece I did a while back but this time with exceptional color art by Michael Atiyeh. Man, I really love the colors on this piece-- really lifted my spirits when I got it today.



Here's a Wolverine sketch I doodled on the back of a Christmas card envelope. Just screwing around really, waiting for the delivery guy, I think. It's always fun to draw entirely in pen-- you've got to commit to it either way since you can't really erase it.