Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Witchblade cover

- I have a ton of FedEx boxes in my studio. It's where I keep a lot of my artwork, preliminaries, sketches, originals, whatever. It all tends to stay in these boxes. They're the perfect size for my artwork and I'm a little lazy update my storage system. Anyhow, I recently found a bunch of my older Top Cow stuff from years ago (things that I forgot were there due to my poor archiving skills) -- my cover to the Witchblade # 1/2 , I know, it's weird to number something as a half issue but this was Top Cow and Wizard's way of putting something out that wasn't a full 22 page story and offer it as a mail-order only item.

Well, this was my favorite cover and after all these years I'm finally ready to let it go. Click on my other blog if you're interested.



Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Force Unleashed Preview

Just found out that Dark Horse has put up a one page preview of The Force Unleashed on Previews' website. I guess that gives me the okay to put up the pencils for that here.

Okay, I'm not entirely sure how much of the story I can talk about. If you've read about the game you know it centers around a Sith Apprentice, Vader's Apprentice. One of the other main characters is this droid in the top panels named Proxy. Don't want to say more than that since it could get me into trouble.

There are some cool concept art pieces at the official site here. You can see how closely we followed that stuff, especially for panel 4.