Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Captain America... done

Here's the finished piece. I wanted the shield at a slight tilt which means more egg shape than circle. However, my elliptical templates weren't large enough and I had to resort to using my compass. Thus we have a straight on shot of his shield instead of slight tilted up. Oh well, small compromise to make. Look for a colored version of this on the Jelly site sometime later.



Captain America Stage 4

At this stage I have made the needed corrections and made his torso larger (Cap's a big guy). I put a little more definition in his ab and chest area and started doing the outline of his left leg. I've also done more of the chainmail upper portion of his costume. I wasn't sure how to do this at first but I tried it out this way and I think it's lookin' okay. I still haven't figured out the musculature for that thigh yet but I know the general shape of it is correct. I'll make the adjustment as a go along.

Captain America Stage 3

Okay, now I get to refine the rough. I start out by fleshing out the face making sure to get that stoic Cap expression (almost no expression, actually). While finishing up his right hand and chest, I realize I've made his chest and waist a bit too small. Also, the muscles on his left thigh are horribly, horribly wrong-- that all needs to be fixed.

Captain America Stage 2

This is the fun part-- roughing him in on the page trying to get as much energy into the drawing as possible. I'm not worried about how clean the paper is at this point, I just want to throw lines done quickly and loosely. Some younger artists are afraid to get the page dirty and try to get the drawing done on the first try. There's no point to that. In the end it's just paper and you can always throw a fresh sheet over it and start over.

Captain America stage 1

The topic for my drawing club, Jelly of the Month, is Marvel Comics. I have always wanted to do a Captain America piece so I figured this was as good a time as any. I started with a digital thumbnail done in photoshop. There is really no significance to doing this on the computer other than I was too lazy to use my sketchbook. I knew I wanted him in motion but I also know I wanted to shield to play a prominent part but not to the point where it would cover up too much. I got this on my first try (which doesn't always happen).

Wolverine/Colossus update

A collector was interested in this piece and asked for some minor changes. As I started working on it, I went over it again and started retouching it here and there-- something inevitable I know. I started to add more smoke around Colossus and even coming off of his body. I tweaked his left fist to make it a tad bit smaller. I also added some more contrast to the background. I gotta say, I'm actually quite happy with the changes.