Monday, September 29, 2008

Gambit and Rogue

Here's a commission piece I recently completed. I've been playing a little bit with a Nouveau influence (mostly Mucha) and I love it. And especially with this piece it just fit. As usual, it's nice to draw some non Star Wars characters every so often.


kotor #34 preview

Here's a tiny little preview for what's coming up in Knights of the Old Republic #34. Can't show too much yet but I will definitely be sharing more once the official preview is put up on the Dark Horse website. I will say this-- you won't like Lucien when he's angry. In the meantime, just wanted to say thanks for all the e-mails I got welcoming me back to the series. It was such a natural transition for me to come back to these characters. It felt like coming home. I even caught myself smiling a few times as I drew Zayne and Gryph being, well, Zayne and Gryph. They are such good guys (at least Zayne is) that I can't help but love them.