Thursday, August 06, 2009


I've always loved this character. I think the early images of her by Bill Sienkiewicz is what did it for me-- so much energy and so much attitude. Well, this is my attempt at her in her teleportation ring and medieval sword. I will tighten this up and post the finished piece later this week.



KOTOR #47 preview

Here's a little step by step explanation of my work process. It's kind of tedious and not many people work this way but I'm comfortable with it and it works for me.

I recently completed issue #47 of KOTOR. Unfortunately, I can't show the rest of the page but I can share part of it, at least the part with Rohlan in it.

In step A, I do a very rough sketch of him on 11 x 17 copy paper. It's cheap and easy to work on. When the sketch is clear enough to me and I'm relatively happy with the pose I move on to step B.

In step B, I take a pen (uniball .7 vision-- I just love the free ink flow) and do a cleaned up version of the rough. When the pen drawing is done, I take a sharpie and do an outline of the figure. This helps me separate the figure from the background.

In step C, I take a fresh sheet of 11 x 17 bristol art board (from Dark Horse) and put if over the pen drawing. I put them on top of the lightbox and begin outlining it all in pencil. I use a .3 mm mechanical pencil with H lead.

In step D, I finish off the rendering scan the page into Photoshop. After a quick clean up I send the page in for approval. From there it goes off to letters and colors.

That's it, pretty easy!